"You’re into that paranormal stuff, right?"

"Have you heard about the recent vampire sightings?"

Short but sweet

Around an hour long

Lose yourself

Turn off the lights and enjoy

Solve the mystery

Are vampires even real?

In a small town, mysterious disappearances have given rise to numerous rumors of unexplained creatures prowling the streets. You are a normal high school senior with a periphery interest in the supernatural. You wouldn't call it unhealthy or anything. It’s not like you spend your free time on ghost sighting blogs or anything like that (at least not every day). Even so, when a cute classmate asks for your help, you can’t help but say yes.

Pretty was written for NaNoRenO 2014. Much like National Novel Writing Month, NaNoRenO is an event that challenges visual novel developers to create a short game in just one month. The team didn't have much free time this year, so we decided to do a kinetic (no choices) novel during the last half of the month. That is, Pretty was made start-to-finish in just two weeks.

Due to popular request, a longer version of Pretty is in development. Don't ask for an ETA. We don't know.

Rated ages 13 and up